20 Ways You Are Handing Your Business Over to Your Competition

Are You Wondering Where Your Profits Are Going?

Do You Realize that You Could Be Handing
Your Customers Over to Your Competition?

Dear Business Owner,

There is no way to deny it anymore, the Internet is here to stay – and it can either be a HUGE help to your business or it can actually be a hindrance. Even for a business that was originally set-up as an online business.

There are many “profit leaks” that cause us to hand our business right over to the competition.

Do you have any of these “holes” in your business?

  • No Facebook or other social media pages.
  • Your website was created months or years ago and has never been touched since.
  • You don’t collect the name and e-mail of your website visitors.

Those are just SOME of the many ways you could be sending your customers right over to your competition – fill out the form below to read about the other profit leaks you could have in your business.

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