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LizM Creations

Hi, I am Liz Martinez.  I am a work at home mom and a self taught web designer/SEO specialist/internet marketer. What does that mean? It means I help small businesses utilize the internet and technology to connect with and retain customers more efficiently.

I began my career as a mechanical engineer.  I loved my work and never dreamed of not wanting to be a mechanical engineer.  But after two years of working full-time while others watched my oldest daughter during the day, I just couldn’t stand to be away any longer.  My mother and father were alternating babysitting and that was great, but it still left me heartbroken to not be with her during the day.

So, I took a voluntary severance package, which was meant for the older employees at the company I worked for – but it gave me a good opportunity.

I began to work from home, mostly promoting MLM programs or other direct sales/network marketing programs.  All the time learning more and more about internet marketing and how the web worked.

I learned that in order to be really successful I needed to have my OWN website, not just a copycat/replicated site that said the same thing as everyone else’s website.  I also learned that just because you have a website doesn’t mean it will be seen by the search engines.

During my time as a mechanical engineer, I learned a little bit of web design out of the need to find something to do.  It wasn’t terribly busy for a brand new engineer waiting for a security clearance, so I passed the time by helping keep the company’s intranet website up to date.

So, I just learned more and started creating my own websites.  Then, I found other mothers or people trying to work from home who needed their own websites, but couldn’t afford to pay for one designed by most web design companies.  I had found a nice niche and I was able to help people.

In the mean time, I also continued to learn more and more about the search engines.  Every time they changed the way they “found” websites I paid attention.  I wanted to keep up to date for my business, however it has now transferred to me being able to help other businesses or work at home parents succeed with their business.

I provide a great price for my services and I provide great customer service.  I would not imagine doing it any other way.  I have a strong desire to truly help people and provide for their needs.

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