Local Search SEO

Do You Have a Website – but Aren’t Getting Enough Traffic to It?

Do You Need to Get the RIGHT Visitors to Your Site So You Can Get More Customers?

The “Local Search SEO” package is the perfect package for you. The most important part of SEO is finding the RIGHT keywords to optimize your site for. If you are a dentist, it doesn’t matter if your site shows up when people search for “doctor, [Your City],[State]” because those people aren’t searching for YOUR services. You want people to find your site when they search “dentist, [Your City],[State]” – or better yet “cosmetic dentist, [Your City],[State]”, or whatever your specialty is.

Those searchers are YOUR target market – that is the “traffic” you want for your site.

You also need to have your Google Places listing optimized and set-up. If you don’t know what a Google Places listing is, when you search for a business in your local area there is a map with little “pins/flags” in it that refer to local business listings —- those listings are Google Places listings.

It is just a waste of a free google resource to NOT take full advantage of this listing! Do you know how to optimize it and keep YOUR business in the number 1 spot for your category/industry?

WE DO!!!!!!!!

The Local Search SEO package involves a one-time set-up and then an on-going monthly fee to maintain and continue to increase your rankings.

The Local Search SEO Package Includes:

  • On-site optimization for up to 5 keywords (additional keywords extra) – So that your potential customers find YOUR website and business when they are searching
  • Google Places Listing Set-up and Optimized – So that YOUR businesses free listing is at the top of the results and STAYS there (also optimized for up to 5 keywords, additional keywords extra)
  • Off-site backlinking/SEO for 5 keywords – So that YOUR website will continue to rank well and get the RIGHT searchers seeing it!
  • Monthly Maintenance – All the tasks that need to be completed so that YOUR website maintains and increases it’s ranking — all the way to the top!