Web Presence Branding and Integration

I Have a Website and Some Social Media Accounts … But it Looks Like a Patchwork Quilt!

None of it Looks Like it Belongs Together

None of it is Working Together …

Let Us Integrate it and Make it Work Together for Your Business …

What’s Included …

  • Add Logo/Branding to Social Media – It is important to have all of your web systems integrated and branded so they work together for you. Your Social Media sites need to have your business logo on it.
  • Add Links to Your Social Media Profiles to your Website – Your website visitors need to know how to connect with you “socially” too.
  • Update Social Media Profiles as Needed – Your website and pertinent information needs to be in your social media profiles. This will help bring more customers and prospects to your business.
  • custom twitter background/look
  • YouTube background/look
  • Facebook page banner – This is amazing real estate that you can utilize to tell people about your business – but is seriously under utilized
  • Facebook comments integrated to website – the best use of the viral nature of Facebook is having Facebook comments on your website. Imagine the power of the comments that your website visitors make on your site being displayed in their own Facebook newsfeed!
  • Checklist of what do I do now?/how do I use all this – Once all this is set-up and integrated you’ll need to know what to do with it so it will continue to work for your business instead of just sitting there taking up “cyberspace”