I originally hired Liz as a referral from a trusted source to revamp my partner’s 2 websites. (The Rhys Method® and Rhys Thomas Institute) She was by far the best we have both every worked with. She impressed me early and continued to impress me so often, that I hired her too! New England Success Coaching and Secret of Intentional Wealth

Liz has the unique gift of being both very sharp with details AND seeing and managing the bigger picture. She takes on not just the tasks you give her, but will look beyond that to see where you are going and what you want to accomplish. She looks to understand your vision and will give you feedback, offer suggestions, take initiative, summarize, clarify and finalize actions and details.

Because of this quality in Liz’s work and nature, we both felt our precious work was in very solid and capable hands! As a matter of fact we both so often found ourselves surprisingly BEHIND Liz! She was one or two steps ahead and waiting for us to make a decision or review her work. Now that was really, really cool and put her at the top of list for both of us.

Liz also impressed me when very early in her work on my website, I experienced the wordpress/godaddy malware attack and she worked tireless and expertly to complete free and restore my site. She educated herself and me on all the fixes, security measure and took action! I felt incredibly grateful to have just brought her on board and shudder to think of what would have happened to my business if I hadn’t!

Margaret Lynch – New England Success Coaching and author of The Secret of Intentional Wealth

“I have only GREAT things to share about Liz! She is my own personal IT ‘go to’ person. She is fast, efficient and takes initiative. She does those couple extra steps you may not see that needs to be completed and she gets it done in a way that you feel you have someone looking out for your best interests.”
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“Dear Liz,
I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for helping me on so many occasions when I needed help with either my blog or some of my sites. You have always been very quick to respond and help me fix things. I appreciate your professional help and your very affordable service. I highly recommend you to all my online and offline friends and marketers. I truly appreciate your great service and support!
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